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Blog 27 - Book Trailer - A Ring, A Dance, A Second Chance

Book Trailer Video 


Allow yourself to be swept away by a host of characters that are approachable, realistic and yet challenging by design. You won’t be disappointed.

The novel is a real Romantic Fiction: "Slice of Life Story”

A Love Story For Grown Ups!
If you have ever wondered if a second chance at love was possible…this book will delight and charm you. Should you be in the midst of a relationship that includes the blending of families, requires a change in your life as you know it or if you simply like to read regional literature…A” RING, A DANCE, A SECOND CHANCE” will speak to you.

Jonell Kirby Cash Writes………

Readers from every stage of life will be satisfied to finally have a work of fiction that is entertaining as well as thought provoking. From the first pages we engage with Katie as she answers the phone and finds her high school sweetheart on the other end of the line. 

Within the pages of A RING A DANCE A SECOND CHANCE several story lines play out. Katie engages with other women her age, she nurtures relationships with her children and she falls in love. The opportunity to look at how adults interact with their grown children is rare because these conversations can be difficult ones. Most women worry what others will think and question how family members will react to their actions.  At last grownups have a platform to discuss these hard and yet relevant issues amongst themselves and with the people that they love.

What would a great love story be without a happy ending? You won’t be disappointed, but as you close the final chapter you will be left thinking about the relationships in your life. Whether you have experienced a divorce, lost a loved one to age or illness or have been looking for love and missed out so far…be encouraged…life is full of second chances. This book offers a realistic look at love later in life, a jumping off place for open and loving conversations and is simply stated and enjoyable read. Pick it up today. You won’t be disappointed.    


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