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"Gene was hooked: he became animated as he discussed issues he thought Katie needed to consider. He was flattered Katie knew he won the landscaping project contest; he offered to go out to her home and help her with her design..."
-- p. 17

"If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old. You will just keep growing."
-- Gail Sheehy


  A  RING, A DANCE, A SECOND CHANCE               

This is Katie’s and Taylor’s love story, high school sweethearts, reunited after the death of both spouses, 40 years later.  The two learn how to rid themselves of their old memories and expectations and learn to accept the years of change that has taken place.  The story is a blending of families and courting at a senior age of life.

If you have ever wondered if a second chance at love was possible…this book will delight and charm you. Should you be in the midst of a relationship that includes the blending of families, or requires a change in your life, …"A RING, A DANCE, A SECOND CHANCE” will speak to you.   

The novel is a real Romantic Fiction:  "Slice of Life Story"  - Allow yourself to be swept away by a host of characters that are approachable, realistic and yet challenging. What did Katie find when she answers her phone? A call from her Highschool Sweetheart. 

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What Are Reader's Saying.....  

“A Real Love Story” I read A Ring, A Dance, A Second Chance, and found it to be quite an enjoyable book. The characters are well developed, and readers can imagine themselves in a situation like Katie and Taylor's. After decades apart, each had spouses and children, then Katie and Taylor fell in love again. As they re-kindled their romance, they were faced with many life-altering decisions, knowing that the choices they made would affect the lives of their children and their extended families. I felt the emotions of the characters as they worked their way through those very difficult choices. “I recommend this book to readers of all ages.”  

"A Love Story for Grown Ups. There is a difference between a love story and a romance novel. A romance novel embellishes dating and private moments between two people. Certainly this can be entertaining to read, but not life inspiring. I found "A Ring A Dance A Second Chance" uplifting and hopeful. I allowed myself to believe that a 2nd chance at love is possible and yet enjoyed the realistic plot of this work of fiction. People who fall in love later in life have to consider grown children, community and extended family...wow how refreshingly honest! The book allows romance to bloom in a way that is relatable. I feel that people over 50 are hungry for books about them! I would recommend this book to folks looking for love and for grown children who have parents that are dating. Whether a divorce or the death of a loved one moved you into a chapter of aloneness...you can find hope in your next chapter. Change and evolution are the human condition that is a common current for us all...dare to dance!"

“The author is very creative and reaches back into her high school days in bringing out the characters in her story. From Spousal’s death to a new beginning in marrying her high school boyfriend, solving family disgruntles, kids interactions and grandkids, is able to show the marriage brought happiness in the later years. A book you don’t want to put down.”

“A second chance at first love? Why not? Cash has created an incredibly sweet novel about two widowers who get to rekindle their passion which began decades ago. Lovers of all ages will not be disappointed in this southern gem stuffed with unforgettable characters which promises room for a sequel. A delightful page-turner!”

“The author said it was based on her own true story. I admire her for writing her first book when she is an older person. But, in doing this, she fulfilled a dream she had.”

“I truly enjoyed this story of first love that did not last, but was rekindled late in life after both people lost their spouses due to death.”

“A Ring, A Dance, A Second Chance was a great read. You read the description and expect a very sweet and simple love story but the book is so much more. It weaves a tale of many lives that cross paths and trials and tribulations that are so familiar. You will relate to one if not many of the characters.” 



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 As an introduction to my writings and to introduce my book “A Ring A Dance A Second Chance”, please click on the link below to read the first chapter of the book.  Find out more about the characters of this love novel.  Enjoy!  


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